23 February 2021

“Resurrect – and live”: Undefeatable Belarusian Culture During the Socio-political crisis. Issue 20

'Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of the people Who will not be slaves again! When the beating of your heart Echoes the beating of the drums There is a life about to start When tomorrow comes'. (From “Les Misérables”)  
16 February 2021

“Being Worthy of such a People” – Belarusian Culture During the Socio-political Crisis: Issue 19

Winter is coming to an end, and the free Belarusian culture is breaking through the snow. We believe that spring will come soon.
9 February 2021

“Your faith will live long” – Issue 18: Belarusian Culture During the Socio-Political Crisis

"I will serve my sentence, I will come out with my hands and my head held high, my soul pure", these were the last words of an imprisoned artist after his unjust sentence had been announced. There are more and more such sentences, and it is horrendous. That is why we don’t give up, for every creative act of protest and every act of solidarity is a voice, thousands, hundreds thousands of voices of free people, and together these voices break through the blockade of fear and violence.
4 February 2021

With no right to the culture: theatre in the spotlight. Belarus 2020

This is the supplement to the public monitoring report of human rights violations against cultural workers and cultural rights in Belarus for 2020.
2 February 2021

With No Right to the Culture – Issue 17 Reflecting the Situation in Belarusian Culture Over Last Week

The seventeenth issue of the Digest of Cultural Resistance covers the events which took place in the cultural field of Belarus in the last week of January. Particularly large-scale have been repressions against national symbols, affecting both individuals and businesses. They want to deprive us of symbols, our heritage and culture, banning them and punishing us, but those will live and so will Belarus, live forever.
28 January 2021

With no right to the culture. Belarus 2020

Public monitoring report of human rights violations against cultural workers and cultural rights in Belarus for 2020.
26 January 2021

“We are calling out and the world is listening” – Issue 16 about the State of Belarusian Culture in times of the Socio-Political Crisis

The new issue of our Digest about cultural resistance in Belaruskeeps covering unjust and illegal detentions, sentences and persecution; captures the facts of dismissals, bans and pressure for political views; notes new cases of repression for symbols; and demonstrates international solidarity with Belarus and creative acts of resistance - new works of art and the voices of individuals.
19 January 2021

I’ll Keep the Right to Remain Myself – Issue 15: What is Happening in Belarusian Culture during the Social and Political Crisis

“Prison bars only prepare us for the life without them”, we repeat the words of Andrej Chadanovič, in our minds and aloud, like a mantra, because the repression continues. And so is our fight.  
12 January 2021

Who Goes There? New Year, Same Repressions. Issue 14 of Weekly Digest about Belarusian Culture

The beginning of January in Belarus feels like an ebb after a storm: a wave of mass repressions has subsided, it’s time to deal with the thickets of arrests and convictions, dismissals and bans. But the music hasn’t stopped playing, the brush is dipped in paint, a pen has touched the paper, the spirit of the free people is dancing a karahod.
29 December 2020

Issue 12: Christmas is the quiet time we need to gather ourselves up and continue resistance

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