27 July 2021

“In Prison You Are Just A Passenger.” Review of Belarusian Culture In Sociopolitical Crisis: July 19-25

"Losing values, first of all in the field of law, which humanity has got by suffering throughout its history, feels horrifying. I would not wish for anyone to find themselves amidst a savage feast of lawlessness." Sabina Brylo  
22 July 2021


Мониторинг нарушений культурных прав и прав человека в отношении деятелей культуры в Беларуси. Январь-Июнь 2021
20 July 2021

“To Squeeze a Slave out of Oneself, Drop by Drop.” Review of Belarusian Culture in Socio-political Crisis: July 12-18

To be a decent person, love one's country and people, develop culture and promote the highest values – humanism, respect, freedom – is not a crime but something to be proud of. And we are proud.
13 July 2021

“We’ll Always Be Up Front”. Review of Belarusian Culture In Socio-political Crisis: July 5-11

“Our culture can’t be forced out of us. Because it’s built on our deep, genuine notions of good and evil. Everything we once received with the touch of mother's hands, with father’s voice, with the first fairy tales and songs, and remained forever. It’s hardly possible to flatten it down to asphalt. And the darker it is, the more noticeable and bright the light will inevitably come out.” Uładzimir Puhač  
6 July 2021

“Strange Things Did Happen Here…” Belarusian Culture During Sociopolitical Crisis: Issue 39

Culture knows no boundaries. Imagination knows no boundaries. The need for expression and freedom of creativity should not be limited in any way. Walls built by fear, aggression and terror separate people from themselves and from others. There is no summer behind the walls.
29 June 2021

“You Take a Deep Breath, and There Is No Air.” Belarusian Culture During Socio-political Crisis: Issue 38

What helps us not to give up? Our land and everything good and strong that we’ve inherited. Solidarity and unwavering commitment to building a better life here, at home. You look back and see the burned land behind, but we’re saving our Belarus, preserving the pieces of it inside us, so one day we will put them together to build the whole again.
21 June 2021

“I will survive.” Belarusian Culture during Socio-political Crisis: Issue 37

“Once again we will put ourselves together, spread our shoulders, raise our heads and take another step forward. After all, every action and every step is a step into the future. The better future of our country and each of us." Aksana Kołb, Editor in Chief of  Novy Čas  
15 June 2021

“What’s Been Taken From Us, We’ll Get Back”. Belarusian Culture during Socio-political Crisis: Issue 36

As a metaphor for last week, we should take a quote from a letter from Alaksandr Reznik, political prisoner, “I recently saw dandelions when we were out for a walk. They have grown through the concrete, on a tiny piece of soil…”  
8 June 2021

“You Can't Imprison History in Akrestsina.” Belarusian Culture during Socio-political Crisis: Issue 35

No matter where we are and what’s happening to us, we are the trees of Belarus…
1 June 2021

“Belarus Is in the Centre of My Heart!” Belarusian Culture during Socio-political Crisis: Issue 34

“One lives just for themselves and their children, and it’s ok, but another is guided by some bigger ideals. It will be horrifying if we build a prison for ourselves and our children with our own hands,” Alaksandr Ždanovič.