13 April 2021

“They’ve realized culture is the biggest challenge.” Review of the News of Belarusian Culture over the Week, Issue 27

“We wanted to do this [kind of a non-violent revolution] without bloodshed. It was an idealistic plan." Svetlana Alexievich  
6 April 2021

And My Red Angel Weas Two White Wings Again. Cultural Resistance in Belarus, Issue 26

Relentless repression leaves its mark on each of us, sometimes we only have enough energy left to believe, other times – for action or asking for support. Our strength is in creativity and solidarity.
30 March 2021

“I lived, I laughed and sang a lot, despite being beaten up and having no hope.” Cultural Resistance in Belarus, Issue 25

In her last word in court, Volha Kalackaja cited a poem by Margaret Atwood – and it speaks for itself. "We had no voice we had no name we had no choice we had one face one face the same we took the blame it was not fair"  
23 March 2021

“My artistic expression is limited, and for some reason I’m made a criminal.” Issue 24

It seems that the regime has either set a goal to destroy Belarusian culture, or the people with whose hands this has been done do not understand the tragedy of the situation. Still, we must stay strong, we must be stronger than ignorance and cruelty of those in power.
16 March 2021

“Long live our powerful, brave free spirit!” Issue 23 – news of the Belarusian cultural resistance

There are poems that have been relevant for us for hundreds of years, there is news that breaks our hearts, and an understanding that we must keep going so that the poems about our struggle for freedom remain in the past and our hearts can finally be filled with joy.
9 March 2021

Come out to see the spring! – together with the Belarusian culture in all its life-affirming power. Issue 22

When the attacks fall down on us, one after another, – we say “us”, because every unjust sentence, every dismissal for one’s political stance, every closed cultural space – is personal, we might first freeze, but then quickly recover from the shock and rush to defend ourselves, our people, our culture, our country. And we will defend them at all costs.
2 March 2021

We Can't Give up. The Main News of Belarusian Culture over the Week: Issue 21

It’s been the seventh month of the Belarusian people’s battle for their right to be heard and respected in their own country. Along with the other spheres of life, culture resists, and its power is that it creates rather than destroys. We all want to return to our theaters, publish books and read them in the squares, play music in the yards, do exhibitions, tell the truth – with no fear of repression. This aspiration is our guiding star.
23 February 2021

“Resurrect – and live”: Undefeatable Belarusian Culture During the Socio-political crisis. Issue 20

'Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of the people Who will not be slaves again! When the beating of your heart Echoes the beating of the drums There is a life about to start When tomorrow comes'. (From “Les Misérables”)  
16 February 2021

“Being Worthy of such a People” – Belarusian Culture During the Socio-political Crisis: Issue 19

Winter is coming to an end, and the free Belarusian culture is breaking through the snow. We believe that spring will come soon.
9 February 2021

“Your faith will live long” – Issue 18: Belarusian Culture During the Socio-Political Crisis

"I will serve my sentence, I will come out with my hands and my head held high, my soul pure", these were the last words of an imprisoned artist after his unjust sentence had been announced. There are more and more such sentences, and it is horrendous. That is why we don’t give up, for every creative act of protest and every act of solidarity is a voice, thousands, hundreds thousands of voices of free people, and together these voices break through the blockade of fear and violence.