Political Prisoners’ Birthdays

As to the end of August, more than 650 people in Belarus have been recognized as political prisoners, and the number continues to grow. This, of course, shows that the repressions by the authorities don’t just not stop but in fact gain strength.

The Belarusian PEN Center, as an association of writers, is particularly concerned about the fate of arts and cultural workers who have been unjustly imprisoned. Creatives’ mission has always been developing cultural field in Belarus.

We call on everyone to support those behind bars. Our strength is in solidarity!

The easiest and most accessible way to communicate with a political prisoner is through correspondence. Sending them a happy birthday note is a nice way to start! 

Note: only letters written in Russian or Belarusian have a chance to reach the addresse. 

In September, 3 people, who have been somehow involved in the process of cultural development of our country, will celebrate their birthdays behind bars. They are Maksim Znak, lawyer and litterateur (September 4); Alaksandr Vasilevič, culture manager (September 12) and Daniła Hančaroŭ, lighting designer (September 27).

Letters can be sent to the following addresses (only those written in Russian or Belarusian)

Maksim Znak – СІЗА-1. 220030, г. Мінск, вул. Валадарскага, 2; 

Alaksandr Vasilevič – СІЗА-1. 220030, г. Мінск, вул. Валадарскага, 2;

Daniła Hančaroŭ Турма №4. 212011, г. Магілёў, вул. Крупскай, 99А.